The Insider Scoop on Spring Skiing at Squaw Valley!

The Inside Scoop on Spring Skiing at Squaw Valley!

In April this year, Squaw Valley, the Spring Skiing Capital, officially surpassed 700″! The sun was shining and conditions couldn’t be better! We asked Director of Ski Patrol, Curtis Crooks, to give the lowdown on his favourite way to ski Squaw in the Spring. Here’s what he recommends:


Warm up in Snow King Zone

The key to spring skiing is following the sun. If you arrive at 9am, take Red Dog up and ski down Lake View (take a left at the top of the chair) which will bring you over to the Resort at Squaw Creek side. This long groomed cruiser starts with a killer view of Lake Tahoe and winds down to the Resort at Squaw Creek. After you’ve warmed up the legs, you’ll have some decisions to make on where to go next: KT-22 or Headwall Zone?

Views from the top of Squaw Creek

Views from the top of Red Dog and Squaw Creek are some of the best around 

East Facing Slopes in KT-22 Zone

Anything East facing on KT-22 is a go early morning on Spring days. Curtis recommends going for East Face Gully, which delivers a consistent pitch and soft snow – even in the morning!

Sun Bowl in Headwall Zone

Sun Bowl is the premiere Spring skiing run in the Headwall Zone – just look at the name! This south facing slope is gentle and funnels you right into a traverse track that will pop you out at the top of The Bullet. Sun Bowl has some of the best corn snow around – that granular, mushy stuff  you always here about? Yeah, Sun Bowl’s got it. The Bullet is a windy, fun, groomed trail that leads you right to Mountain Run and the bottom of Headwall, so you can head back up and do it all over again!

Sun Bowl is wide open and filled with soft slushy snow  

Tower 16

If Curtis has to choose, Tower 16 is THE Spring run in all of Squaw Valley. This run is great in the winter months too due to it’s consistent pitch and steepness, but in the spring time you’ll find plenty of locals on this southern facing run. It’s a bit of work to get here, but boy is it worth it. Once you’re on the upper mountain head over to Big Blue Express. At the top take the wide open groomer to the left of Big Blue and point your boards to the bottom of Bailey’s Beach and Belmont. Pass the bottom terminals and you’ll see a gated entry point for Tower 16. After the flats there is a bit of an incline to the right – this is the path you want to take. You’ll end up right underneath the Funitel, this is when you know you’ve made it. Take in the views first and then drop in!

Breathtaking views from the top of Tower 16 


On Mountain Lunch at Gold Coast Sundeck

Nothing says California skiing like lunch on a massive sundeck. At Gold Coast Complex, located mid-mountain, the resort has bars serving up craft beers or Bloody Mary’s, and a variety of food options including classics like pepperoni pizza and juicy cheeseburgers. Snag a seat on the deck and watch skiers come down from Siberia and Gold Coast while you fuel up for your afternoon turns.


Back to the Headwall Zone

Now that things are softening up, it’s time to make it back to the Headwall Zone to hit the north facing slopes! One favourite in the afternoon is North Bowl. “It doesn’t get much better than North Bowl when it smooths out and the bumps clear,” says Curtis. At the top of Headwall, go left on the cat track and stay left to reach the top of North Bowl. Find your entry and drop in to silky smooth corn snow!

Pro Tip: Head back down to Headwall and ski the slope in between North Bowl and The Face called “Hogsback”. This slope should be equally as fun as North Bowl, but gives you a bit more variety and longer pitch. 

Smooth turns in North Bowl are a favourite in the afternoon!

Back to the KT-22 Zone

It’s time to make it back over to KT-22 or “The Mothership” to score some west facing terrain that is soft. West Face is arguably the most famous slope off KT-22 due to it’s long vertical drop. Make your way to Chute 75 for a classic Squaw Valley run that is sure to be filled with soft slushy bumps. The Saddle, also on KT’s west face, is a fun, windy groomer that brings you down to the bottom of Headwall chair if you’re itching to make it back to Headwall. Otherwise, proceed on and take a few more KT laps to end your day.

APRES: 3-4:30PM

Le Chamois

A local’s favorite, the ‘Chammy’ has been a go-to après spot for years. Sunny spring days are perfect for sitting outside in the Adirondack chairs constructed from skis while taking in the views of the iconic Tram Face.

Pro Tip: Grab a buddy pass, which gives you 20 pints of Budweiser or Bud Light for $80. This will save you a $1 a beer and who doesn’t love saving a few bucks?

KT Base Bar

This is your spot to soak up the sun under legendary KT-22. Staggering views, fresh air, and signature cocktails always have a good crowd on hand here. Be sure to try out the Irish Nachos or Tri Tip Sandwich and don’t miss live outdoor music on Saturdays in April!

Cheers to a great spring day at Squaw Valley! 

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Written by Jackie M @ Squaw Valley April 2017