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Why It Pays To Book Your Ski Trip Early

Maybe you have it at the back of your mind that you’d like to take a ski holiday in the 2016/2017 season but you haven’t actually got around to doing anything about it. The plain fact is that it is never too early to book a ski holiday: indeed, some people book their ski holiday for next year as soon as they get home from the present one.

Why Would They Do That?

There are a number of reasons why people book a ski holiday 12 months in advance. Not the least of these is the fact that by booking early you get the biggest choice of apartments, chalets, or hotels – whichever is your preference.

This is especially important if you are in a group of eight people or more and want to book an apartment. It’s a fact that the large apartments are extremely popular and there are never enough of them to satisfy everyone, so if you want a large apartment you would be well advised to book it early. Of course, you may have stayed in an apartment in the past and found it very cramped, but in many resorts things have changed considerably. Modern apartments have plenty of space, they are comfortable, and they come equipped with everything you need. Some of them have swimming pools, spas, and saunas, so it is obvious that they are going to be in short supply.

Despite that, a lot of apartments offer discounts for early booking. You may be able to save as much as 20% on an apartment by booking it early. Some of the larger apartments that hold six or more people offer group discounts as well. Later on there will be no discounts and you may not find the exact apartment that you want and have to settle for second best.

Of course another very important point is that if you want to book a ski holiday for Christmas and the New Year you need to remember that so do a lot of other families. These dates and half term dates can get very booked up, as can Easter, so once again if you want the best choice you need to book early.

In addition, there are some all-inclusive holidays available where you can obtain discounts for booking early and which include lift passes, ski hire with boots, ski lessons, meals, drinks, and snacks.

Can I Book Lift Passes Early Too?

You most certainly can, and you can get some hefty discounts on these as well. One recent promotion offered half price lift passes on a wide choice of chalet and hotel ski holidays in Europe, and this included some peak dates at Christmas and the New Year. Other resorts in Italy and Andorra were offering two for one lift passes, which comes to much the same thing. Of course, another benefit is that by purchasing lift passes in advance you can get right out onto the slopes rather than spending your first morning in a long queue.

What About Ski Hire?

Much the same thing applies here. For instance, the Holiday Inn at Tremblant in Canada was offering some good discounts together with two for one ski or snowboard hire for parties of four or more sharing. Other destinations in France, Italy, and Austria were also offering savings of up to 50% on ski and snowboard hire with boots.

We Have Two Very Young Children. Any Savings For Them?

Yes. A number of resorts have Baby and Toddler Weeks in a range of different chalets and apartments. Some have free infant places and half price nursery places. As an example, Chalet Hotel Crystal 2000 in Courchevel, France, was offering savings of up to 30% on selected Baby and Toddler Weeks.

Over at Val d’Isere, also in France, there were five chalets offering a free nanny on family holidays. That means you can go skiing knowing that someone is taking care of the kids.

Of course some of these discounts are only available on selected dates so are unlikely to be offered on half term weeks, Christmas, or the New Year, so you have to be able to take your holiday at off peak times in order to take advantage of them.

Having said that, Christmas is the perfect time for taking a ski holiday, with great snow, decorated accommodation, festive nights in front of a log fire, and plenty of festive food and wine. You can spend all day out on the slopes and come home to a warm and cosy welcome. Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year, so a lot of ski holidays have had their departure dates changed to allow for it. Many are starting on Friday December 23rd for seven nights.

Some chalet holidays are starting on Sunday December 18th for eight nights, Tuesday December 20th for seven nights, and Saturday December 24th for seven nights, but you will need to book very soon if you want a choice.

Any Other Reasons To Book Early?

Sure. Cheaper flights. As Christmas approaches the price of flights is going to go only one way, so booking early will save you some money before you actually get to your resort. Of course, another benefit of booking early is that the deposits are much lower, so you have a few weeks to save up some money in order to ensure that you don’t run short of cash when you are actually in your resort. Unless you book an all-inclusive holiday there are always going to be a few extras that you might not have considered, or you see something that you desperately want to buy, so it’s always good to have the cash available without having to worry.

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One of the biggest benefits of booking your skiing holiday early is that it gives you that certain peace of mind. It’s all done and dusted, and you don’t have the nagging worry that the apartment or chalet you want will not be available later on. You can sit back and relax, and perhaps brag to your mates that your holiday is booked, even if theirs is not.

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